Opening Day Tour of the Statue of Liberty’s Museum, August 2004

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 My idea  is to clear off my desk and make my personal research on some lesser known parts of history be shared with the public.  Years ago I proposed an idea at a local  historical society meeting that the older  local experts on the town’s history mentor younger members by sharing their painstaking studies  so that these  efforts would not be lost and could be developed further.  Luckily, much of my research  has been saved and even some published.


In this website you will find – under the general titles – short articles I have written and researched  most often for the site that is headlined.  By now most of these “stories” have been lost in their original form –  an internet page, magazine article or as a trifold –  but the historical interpreters at many of these sites have added these thoughts to their presentions.  Hopefully by this blog  these short stories will be available to all and can be saved.


 Each “paper” I have found personally interesting while researching the subject.  I hope you too will find this enjoyable.


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Your’s truly in the study of the great history of America.


Bill Maurer